Back in Milwaukee

I just got back in Milwaukee, and I promise to catch up on my posts from day 5-7 including a wrap-up. They will be interesting for sure. Some of you may know that I crashed on Day 6 in Santa Barbara. Everything is good and I consider myself lucky with only some bruises and a broken clavicle...that bugger is painful. Good thing is that we all rolled into LA with a total of $360,000 raised for the Pablove Foundation thus far.


PAA Day 4 - A personal morning dedication

Today was a personal morning dedication.  It may be hard to hear in the video but I was able to dedicate the ride to my neighbor Audrey Parrot.  Audrey is 9 years old and a year ago on October 12th, 2012 she was diagnosed with ALL: Acute Limphoblastic Leukemia. This young lady is a power house.  She has battled through 8 months of protocol treatment and just finished her 1st 4 months of maintenance treatment. Things are going in a very positive direction for her. Audrey is back at school and doing tons of things a 9 year old should be doing. While she was not able to be outside the house she discovered baking, her make a wish was to meet Buddy the Cake Boss.  So this August her and her family traveled to NYC and she was able to do just that.  Pretty cool.  With all the calories burning on the ride I could use a cake or 2.

So...Day 4 - Cambria to Pismo beach was for Audrey - keep it up!  (and Sammy...just watch) 


PAA Day Four - Data

Cambria to Pismo Beach - this was the day my body was trying to tell me no.  Especially while it encountering grades of 13-20% on the big climb.  There is always "that day" - you have to dig and dig deep. Interesting that day 4 was the one, given the fact that I was able to make a morning dediation to my amazing neighbor Audrey Parrot, a 9 year old who just pasted her 1 year mark of treatment for Leukemia.

PAA 2013 Day Three - Data

Carmel to Cambria. HWY 1 all the way. Right thru Big Sur - today was no joke.

I need to find the energy to get some pictures up here, from someone that may have a few.  However, today's ride was absolutely epic. It gave everything and made everyone give everything. I am not saying it was the hardest ever, day one was harder, but the terrain, the views and locations are hard to put into words.  The climbs rolled like conveyer belts, the descents needed guardrails while the traffic added a level of awareness that was already heightened. I had a rear flat today and thankfully on an ascent. The beauty was in the work ethic everyone demonstrated, as we pushed and pulled each other along the way. Below is the data, and yes it was a long day, the 6 plus hours moving and 7 hours out on the road.

PAA Day Two - DATA

It was a beautiful day. One because; the weather was great; two because we rolled the coast; three because we took it easy due to the effort on day one. Once we entered 17 mile drive, famous for beauty, houses, views, the Pebble Beach golf course and the lone cypress.  However that's when the gang decided to open it up. It ripped the last 15.  Not sure how but the group of six  I was with rolled in first.  Although it is not a race, it's always good get to the hotel.

(note: ride was 67 miles today...I paused the Garmin mid-way)

photo copy.JPG