PAA 2013 Day Three - Data

Carmel to Cambria. HWY 1 all the way. Right thru Big Sur - today was no joke.

I need to find the energy to get some pictures up here, from someone that may have a few.  However, today's ride was absolutely epic. It gave everything and made everyone give everything. I am not saying it was the hardest ever, day one was harder, but the terrain, the views and locations are hard to put into words.  The climbs rolled like conveyer belts, the descents needed guardrails while the traffic added a level of awareness that was already heightened. I had a rear flat today and thankfully on an ascent. The beauty was in the work ethic everyone demonstrated, as we pushed and pulled each other along the way. Below is the data, and yes it was a long day, the 6 plus hours moving and 7 hours out on the road.